Five Items To Look For When Buying A Pressure Washer – Buying Guide

A pressure washer machine is a machine that is available in the Kenya market, and it does recommendable work in cleanliness both indoors and outdoors. In this article, we will look at various items to look at before purchasing pressure washer machines.

There are several items to look at when buying a pressure washer. Most people only accept these types of machines without looking at the washer guide will help one choose the suitable washer machine.

1. Gas

The pressure emitted by the pressure washer versus the electric washer is different. The pressure washer price in Kenya makes one determine the kind of machine to purchase. The most significant difference is the strength and the speed. Suppose someone owns both gas and electric pressure washer machines. In that case, you understand the difference gas pressure machine is usually loud and has higher pressure than electric pressure washer machine is generally not loud and its pressure is lower compared to the gas pressure washer.

2. Cold Water vs Hot Water

A cold pressure washer has different water pressure and is not complicated compared to that of a hot waterwasher. And also, these two types differ significantly in their portability and cold water pressure washer in that they use a lesser amount of soap and cleans better primarily. An additional advantage is that, in terms of sanitization,hot water washers sanitize considerably better compared to cold water. The hot water pressure washers are better for industrial use and farm use.

3. Warranty

The pressure washer price is not affected by warranty. According to various companies, each company has its warranty seals, and some claim to behave more extended warranty than other companies. When buying a pressure washer machine, he should consider asking for warranty seals if the machine malfunctions.

4. Power

The power in a pressure washer is stated in three ways: PSI-Pounds per square inch and GPM-Gallons per minute. It is somehow hard to define the best machine if the third stat, CU(Cleaning Units),  is not provided. By these three states, when followed strictly, one will purchase the best cleaning pressure washer machine.

5. Portability

This is very vital. It is so embarrassing to buy a washing machine that does not have wheels and is heavy to carry. One should find a washer with wheels, and if it does not have wheels, it should not be heavy in day-to-day activities.

What may seem easy for one person might be hard for another, so one should choose the kind of machine well. One should consider purchasing a portable device.


In the information provided above, if followed well, one will buy a good machine. Warranty is crucial, and one should not buy the device without warranty seals. Power and portability also are the major factors to determine the types of machines to be purchased. Following all this recommendations, one can acquire the best pressure washer machine. Source

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