Features of Aluminium Ladders and their Advantages over other Ladders

When purchasing ladders, certain properties and features make each type of product in the market different or unique.

Aluminium Ladders have some of these features and which make them identical, unique, and most preferred by many individuals in Kenya. Some of these properties/features are as explained below;


The material used and which is aluminium metal is a corrosion-free element and which cannot rust so easily. This means that once you purchase that ladder, it’s durable and can be stored anyway regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

This is unlike other materials such as timber ladders which have to be kept indoors for durability.

This feature is so beneficial for individuals having limited space indoors hence they can keep the ladder outdoors.

Light and easy to handle

Unlike other materials such as glass fibre and timber, the aluminium material used in making these ladders is far much lighter and thus easy to carry or handle. This feature makes such ladders appropriate for people in transit, or those individuals involved in constant travelling but in the course of the trips have use needs of these ladders.

Fire-resistant/Fire free

Another positive and very interesting feature of Aluminium ladders is that they are fire-resistant. This means that even in the case of a fire accident they cant get burnt. This is why aluminium ladders are mostly used by firefighters in their course of work since they can be very useful in handling fire incidents concerning this feature. Unlike timber or glass fibre ladders which are prone to fire effects and can’t be suitable for such activities.

Strong and Durable

The aluminium metal used in the manufacturing of these ladders is said to be highly durable and can accommodate huge amounts of weight. Also the feature of being corrosion free makes it less prone to rusting and thus maintaining a longer life. The process of manufacturing these ladders is quite simple and thus makes aluminium ladder prices in Kenya much affordable even than glass fibre ladders and even timber ladders.

Advantages of Aluminium Ladders over other ladders made from other materials

  • Unlike other materials such as glass fibre and timber ladders, aluminium ladders are made of superior material with strength compared to weight ratio and thus it is stronger and less heavy.
  • The processes used in making such ladders is less complicated making Aluminium ladder prices in Kenya very affordable and even much less compared to Timber and glass fibre ladders.
  • These ladders are maintenance-free in the aspect that they are resistant to any kind of corrosion and can be stored anywhere regardless of whether it’s outside the house or indoors.


Aluminium ladders prove to possess a lot of features and which make them be more superior compared to any other ladder from other materials. But the most outstanding and unique feature and which makes these ladders different is the aspect of strength potential compared to weight ratio. These ladders are highly recommendable judging from their features.

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