Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Heat Gun

A Heat Gun is a handheld power tool that is used by crafts, arts, professionals and a wide range of applications including electronics, e.g. it’s used in stripping paint, bending plastic and others. In this article we are going to focus on knowing this gun’s appearance, and at large factors to consider when shopping this item.

Are u stressed out and stuck in thoughts on how to get the best gun of your choice on purchase? We got you sorted out since everyone likes satisfying results and promising experiences, the factors below will help you on deciding suitable tool that will meet your requirements

1. Type of Heat Gun

Before one thinks of purchasing or shopping this gun, you should first consider on the type since they are classified into variety. This gun’s type goes hand in hand with task and efficiency.

For example one cannot purchase a fork instead of tractor to cultivate three hectares of land. These guns are classified into four categories;

  • Gas Heat Guns- these are the types that are designed to use gases e.g. propane and butane instead of heat. They are less popular in the markets today, due to being expensive and having high maintenance costs.
  • Electric Heat Guns- they use either battery or electric Ac outlets. They come in different sizes according to user needs. They are the most popular due to high demand and their advanced features like high fan rate speed and temperature range and regulatory.
  • Industrial Heat Guns- they are designed for heavy duty works as the name dictates, in industries, automotive repairs, factories and etc. They have middle class classification since they produce high levels of heat thus recommended in heavy duty jobs.
  • Infrared Guns- these are the most decent types designed to use infrared. They are recommended for households and light works since they produce sufficient temperatures.

2. Temperature Range

Temperature determines the type of work suitable since every work is suitable for its temperature regulatory used by this gun. Temperatures range from 120°F to 1100°F for higher heavy duty and industrial usage while households projects range from 390°F to 700°F.

3. Fan Speed

The speed and rate of fan working gives a distinction of work to be used for, for example low speed is perfect for light tasks e.g. removing labels while higher speeds are recommend for heavy tasks.

4. Nozzle Attachments and Quality

Different guns have different nozzles, e.g. cone shaped that focuses heat on surface area, glass protector nozzle that prevents direct heat e.g. when stripping glass window it protects direct heat that damage the glass, flat nozzle is applicable inside area ranges and surfaces that distribute heat evenly quality of this guns depends on the one that that can sustain heavy stress and avoid it from wearing out faster.

5. Safety

This is vital since it cares for user safety and health. For example some guns are fitted with plastic handles around for comfort and pistol grips that that prevents one from heat burns and rest hands on it, respectively.

6. Price

Despite all the factors mentioned above, heat gun price in Kenya range is the one that determine purchase or not that will meet certain features and factors.

Here are some of its uses;

  • Fitting taps
  • Bending pipes
  • Softening adhesives
  • Loosening nuts
  • Window tinting
  • Wallpaper removing.

In conclusion

This article gives a good point of reference and of satisfactory when one wants to purchase a heat gun.

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