Factors To Consider When Shopping for a Mig Welding Machine

To ensure quality work and enhance maximum production for the company, consider the type of welding machine that is best suitable for the job. Having a budget and having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is a huge milestone in getting a welding machine according to your specifications.

A good welding machine is a long term investment and a long-lasting purchase. It is wise to compare machines to match your needs and demands.

With the proper machine, you will be able to reach new levels of production without any hitches. Once you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, you will have a clear idea of which welding machine to purchase. While there are many ways to weld metals and alloys, this machine does the job efficiently and in a faster manner regardless of the nature of the metal.

This machine has a high productivity rate as it works faster and you can clean without brushing the welds or changing the rods constantly. In little time you can learn how to operate a welder machine hence saving time. The continuously fed wire keeps both hands free which improves control, speed and quality work is achieved.

Investing in a welding machine can be an overwhelming process especially when there are different machines options that have different sizes, averages and duty cycles, and you may not know where to start.
To make acquisition easier, understand your welding objectives.


This heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya varies as it is not only measured in monetary value but also reliability, quality, duration and versatility.

It is easier to justify the cost of the machine when welders can familiarize themselves with the machine characteristics after demonstrations.

To account for the cost make sure you are well versed with the machine features and that a trial period is sufficient for your business needs.

Availability of spare parts

For maintenance purposes find out where the nearest service point is and how efficient their response is. Enquire about the quality of the parts so that their life cycle is longer, therefore, cost-saving as it will be a long term investment. The mig welding machine price in Kenya should be able to give you an estimate on the cost of spare parts.


The ability of the machine you want to purchase should be able to wield a variety of metals and alloys while operating as a semi and fully automatic.


If you are working from your welding shop, then it is only advisable to acquire a machine that you do not need to move too often but if you plan to move it around, a compact and lightweight machine are what you should go for.


To take your welding to the next level, take into consideration all your needs and specifications. This machine is fast, simple to learn, has high productivity and fast welding speed.

With the proper setup and knowledge, the proper welding machine can also handle most repairs without a glitch.

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