Factors to consider before purchasing a sausage maker

Sausages are recognized as breakfast. It is made of minced meat from pork, game meat, poultry, or beef. Sausage making can be done for home or catering businesses which will be cost-effective. Making your sausages will help you know what it contains and the process of obtaining the best results. This article explains factors to consider before purchasing a sausage maker and other facts about sausage making

Manual or automated machine

Sausage machines can either be manual or automated. In homemaking sausages, you will only need the manual since you do not handle a lot of meat. In a business where you need to produce more sausages, you will need the automated one to speed up the making process. The automated sausage maker does not consume more electrical energy. It will also save you time.

The make

This is a top feature to consider. The machine should be made up of quality and durable materials. A quality machine helps you produce the number of sausages you need. The materials should also be resistant to corrosion to prevent poisoning of the sausages.
And because you will always clean the machine after use, ensure the make of your machine is of high quality.

The ease of usage

The machine should be easy to use. It should be user-friendly. If the sausage-making is preferably for business, then users should be able to operate the machine with care to get better results. There will be no difficulties de-attaching the attachments after use.

Power and speed of making

If you choose the automated sausage machine, it should consume less electric energy which will therefore be economic. The speed of the process should be an added feature, in case you have an urgent order the production process should be faster.

There are two types of sausages produced using the sausage making machine. The types depend on how you make them or how you want them to be. They are fresh and cured sausages.

  1. Fresh sausages: – these sausages are seasoned meat cooked prior to serving. there are no flavors used. The seasoning contains sugar, salt, and other spices like garlic and vegetables. They are refrigerated until used. They can be used in different types of dishes if crumbled.
  2. Cured sausages: – these sausages can be cooked/dried. It is not necessary but many of them are smoked. The curing changes meat its flavors. There is always a different taste between cured sausages. The cured cooked sausage differs by adding cure. It uses cold smoke in different cases. Whereas cured dried sausage is frozen.

When making sausages by yourself you will need the following:

  1. Meat grinder to make work easier: – the grinders vary in size depending on the number of sausages you need.
  2. Sausage stuffer: – for spicing your meat. The stuffers vary in style.
  3. Manual stuffer which is operated using hands. It is cheaper compared to the automated one but also depends on what you need.
  4. Automated stuffer: – they use electric energy to produce large amounts of sausages.
  5. Storage unit: – you need a clean bag or a container to store your minced meat.


Sausage making is cost-effective. Following the right procedures in the making will save you time and help you learn a lot. It is recommended for small businesses to purchase their production machines. Source https://www.bonesawmachines.co.ke

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