Expert Strategies to Get More Leads from Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms aren’t the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think about business and lead generation. Most small business owners might think it would be unwise to commit to campaigns on such platforms because it might take a lot of financial resources. However, with studies stating that more and more people are logging on to social media and spending a lot of time engaging in different activities, it is pretty important to realize that social media marketing is an opportunity that must not be left out. 

In this article, we’ll tackle different strategies to generate more leads for your website.

1. Share and promote links to different interesting content

People appreciate content that is appropriate for their interests. Research also states that people become even more interested if they believe a sense of exclusivity is associated with valuable content. Therefore, an essential marketing strategy is to create a landing page where clients have to input information to access particular content.

This will allow potential clients to read up on content that will enable them to make an educated decision. Ensure that your page will provide a variety of interesting articles and images which will interest the clients and create an opportunity for conversion.

2. Use paid social media ads to create brand awareness and generate quality leads

Social media ad campaigns provide vital insight regarding the target audience and allow the companies to react to what the group offers. Achieving such data will give the companies feedback that will enable them to create better content and strategies, resulting in more significant engagement figures and leads. 

3. Engage and nurture leads with chatbots and personalized messages

Once a client clicks the links you provide, chances are they’re a quality lead. Companies should quickly engage a quality prospect to ensure that they find the correct information to satiate their appetite. Whether your site uses a chatbot or an actual chat support person ready to lend a hand, it will be great if you would be able to attend to the prospect immediately. 

4. Set up a series of advertisements for target audiences

Once your company has created a database of prospective leads, it is now up to you to follow up and nurture them and convert them into paying customers. You can also use the data to re-target those customers who haven’t subscribed yet or have lost prior interest. This will also boost your online presence and will also help in establishing brand identity

5. Build a niche community

We have mentioned that engagement is a critical component in building relationships with your prospective leads. Therefore, creating a niche community of individuals who share the same ideas and passions will be a logical step in the campaign. This will allow companies to receive feedback from the community before going on a large-scale effort and, in doing so, will save them lots of resources. In addition, nurturing this niche will also reap dividends as it will also serve as a source of recommendations and reviews. 

6. Run contests and other events as part of social media marketing strategy

People appreciate the chance of winning in contests and engaging in different events that will allow them to interact with influencers and other personalities. A marketing company must realize this and provide such events to increase brand awareness and reach. A successful contest and live event will boost recognition and will also help in sales figures. 

7. Conduct a referral campaign for more leads

Another surefire way to increase lead generation is to conduct a referral campaign to compensate referrers with something of value. Have people recommend the site to their friends and provide them with a reward for every successful person they refer. It can be as simple as a free e-book, additional content, or store credits, but using the referral system will quickly increase the company’s client base and reach.

8. Listen to your audience and react accordingly

One way to ensure that your campaign will succeed is to listen to your audience. You can engage them through the comments and receive their feedback and use the information to create content or another campaign that will be more acceptable to them.

Ultimately, this can lead to a positive online reputation and thus more leads for your business!


Running a social media campaign isn’t something to scoff at as it generates a lot of prospective leads. However, the effort in putting up a targeted campaign is well worth it as it will provide companies with the needed data that will ensure continued success. It may take a lot of resources and effort, but the results will be crucial in achieving its goals.

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