Different Types of Exterior Doors for your home

The exterior doors in your home are some of the most important doors in the house. This is because they create the first impression in your home as well as being the first defense for your home from the rest of the world. The type of front door that you choose defines your home’s style on both the inside and the outside.

Each home has its own unique architectural design. The type of house design is one of the variants that determine the type of front door to have in your house. It is necessary that your entry doors match your house design to maintain the style’s attractiveness. If looking for a front door, the following are some of the options to consider;

1. Traditional Doors

Traditional may not mean old in this perspective. The door that was in your home when growing up may not be the real definition of a traditional door.
In this case, a traditional door has certain features that make it attain the name. Some of the characteristics that a front door possess are;

  • It has a lot of panels that range from 2 and 12.
  • The materials used to make it are either wood, fiberglass, or metal.
  • It has pre-hung accessories and hardware.

The glass in a traditional door can be colored for decorative purposes or left plain to attain the simplicity required.

With traditional exterior doors, you can paint them to the shade that you require to maybe match your furniture or the surrounding environment.

2. Modern Doors

These types of entry doors Toronto have features that stand out to bring out elegance and class. Modern doors have their emphasis on a minimalist approach making them ideal for contemporary or modern house designs. They are often large in size for ventilation purposes and they are very easy to install. Some of the features for a modern door are;

  • They are often large with long and straight handles.
  • The glass panes are usually square or rectangular in shape.
  • They are mostly shaped to have circular curves when the owner needs customization features.
  • If steel is used in any part of the door, it is usually the stainless one.

Modern doors do not have colors that are very bold. Black and white are the commonly used colors for modern doors.

Double modern doors are not very common.

3. Arched

Just as the name suggests, the most distinctive feature about these exterior doors is that are curved at the top instead of the normal flat shape. The arched feature can be combined to other types of doors like a curved rustic door or a craftsman door. This arched design is essential to your home’s curb appeal as it is an attractive feature.

This type of door gives your home a vintage and historical appearance even when used on contemporary house designs. Some of the distinctive features of an arched door are;

  • It uses vintage-like accessories and hardware.
  • Arched doors are often double doors. This adds more to the historical appearance.
  • The glass panes on arched doors are usually bold.

A front arched door is usually like the center of attraction to your home. This means that additional accessories are not necessary, other attractive features and neither is color finishing.

4. Storm Door

Storm doors do not stand alone in your home but they are like a layer of protection to another door. Just like the name suggests, this door is installed to protect your front door from storms. Its main purpose is to ensure that your front door lasts longer as it is shielded from rain, ice, snow, and other elements that damage doors. Storm entry doors Toronto are also essential in ensuring that your home has energy efficiency. On normal days your front door behind the storm door can be left open to let in a cold breeze into the house. The most common characteristics of storm doors are;

  • They are usually made of either wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.
  • They have a screen or inserted glass that can be changed once they are damaged.

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