Determining Factors of Purchasing a Generator in Kenya

The attached article below gives a definite view of the pricing factors to consider before purchasing a generator. Especially, a diesel generator. The piece underpins every aspect and covers the entire scope,  so to speak for the buyer,of the need of giving it a try.

The need for a supplementary source of power outlet in the face of electricity supply for both domestic and industrial use in the country has been at its peak. As a result, generators have been on high demand to bridge the gap. Farming has also developed in the ASAL regions as a result of the same.

Generators are a familiar term as they offer quality services to construction sites, infrastructure projects and outdoor activities throughout the globe. Characterized by versatility, reliability and productivity; their use should not be underrated. However, they are not served on a silver platter hence quality and satisfaction are the checks.

The following are the factors to consider before deciding to get one from the market.

Modular capability

This factor is considered when a user wants to parallel a single generator with others to set up a modular circuit in a power plant set up. It thus takes into account the capability and the period of operation when in such a connection,.

Capability stands out and hence should be consider before an investment is made. It is therefore a strong recommendation that the buyer consults the manufacturer of the said generator.

The other benefits that accrue from modular capability include; enhancement of equipment reliability as the failure of a single unit is rectified by configuring the remaining units to increase their output to maintain the flow of power output.

The cost, in terms of the prices of generators in Kenya and length of service intervals is also brought down, as it is not necessary to stop the entire power delivery during essential maintenance operations.

Control systems and management

An ideal one should give a variety of features. Such features include, the ability to start and program the machine remotely , warning displays ,for example in the event of low fuel and other issues pertaining to performance and delivery of a broad range of data analysis and provision of a valuable overview of application processes.

The equipping of generators with Power Management Systems(PMS) makers it easy for rapid configuration through the plug-and-play design.

Fuel efficiency and autonomy

Mobile generators of the current generation have the efficiency energy improvements that have proven helpful. Thus can run longer and are more economical and hence has boosted the market growth.

It is also good to note that, not all generators have same specifications and fuel levels. Some can be expensive. Diesel generators are more expensive compared to petrol generators. It is therefore recommended that a buyer asks for a forecast on fuel consumption before investing.

Modularity is also a contributing factor to fuel efficiency. It helps save cost incurred in running in terms of fuel consumption. It also saves on the amount  of toxic gases emitted during operation.

The options are currently vast when it comes to fueling generators. Bio- gas and natural gas are an addition to the list. However, the help of a manufacturer is to be sought .

Physical size and transportation

Checking for factors such as:  can the generator be loaded on a truck or can it be towed is an outstanding thing. Therefore, it is good to check for features like lifting eyes and forklift slots. When multiple generators are in use, consider if units can be stacked on each other for minimum footprints and access consideration.

The factors reduce carbon costs and total expenditure on operation costs.

For contractors , users and even companies who buy or rent the same size of generator, this is the time to look for expert counsel on the latest developments that assists match their needs .

Owning a generator helps increase production and effectiveness. Costs are also reduced despite the high cost of purchase. Do not rush for cheap products.

Promote quality and know your brand!

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