Cultivation of cannabis, how much hemp is known

Main cannabis species there are a total of 3 species:

Xativa ( Sativa) located in our country. It has slender, long, light green leaves. The plant is very tall, bulging, with branches and long stalks. Because our climate is hot, you have to try to adapt to the hot weather. To produce output, Most of the substance contained in this species is THC. 

Indica ( Indica ) has thick leaves. The trees are short and fortified. Born in an area that is slightly higher than Thailand, The weather was a little cooler. The substances in this strain are THC, CBD kaufen.

Ruderalis ( Ruderalis) This species is wild cannabis.

These three strains of cannabis can be cross-bred. At that time, I studied marijuana strains from species such as the Blue G ( the Blue the OG ), a famous recreational species line. It appears that it originated from a Thai species. What I saw were items from our country that he made.

Probably since the species Thailand Logistics ( Thai staff stick ) was celebrated in the mix of species if you take San Martin that with Indigo Crow combination is called a species hybrid, but if the hole Madera California. S, coming into the mix, will be another.

Suppose Xativa check around to trigger Indigo photoperiod ( the Photo – Period All ) Photo meaning light shows that they are sensitive to light. Will bloom in light hours If there is a lot of light in the hour, it will be the only leaf. If the light hours can be reduced, it will bloom able to cut branches. The harvest life of this species ranges from 5-9 months, depending on light hours.

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Auto Flower ( -Auto Flowering ) is available. Dera Majlis mixed with Xativa or di-ins will not strain from low down. The advantage of this breed is that there is no need to depend on light hours; it can give 20-24 hours of light, it still blooms as usual. The harvesting period is about two and a half months, and the harvest is harvested. But this species can only be obtained from its seeds.

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These are the two main types. So what type do you plant? Everyone understands that the vital substance in CBD kaufen is in the leaves, but it’s actually at the end of the inflorescence. According to the research results, The flowers at the top have a higher substance than the flowers at the bottom. Substances outside like fungus called Tri lamp ( trichomes ) is a collection of active ingredients in marijuana. And the cannabis that it stores is not difficult to extract at all. because it is outside.

How do breed developments work?

From that said, it can mix species because of cannabis. Just like humans, there are women, men, or so-called males, females, and how to look at what gender they are. If it is female, it will have pointed flowers. Two pistils The period to show gender will be released according to segments. Before a large bouquet, The male will be around the egg. When the male grows up, there will be a large bouquet. Knowing that it’s male, cut it off. Why cut? Because of the seeds, That seed may change the species. In addition to male and female, there are also bisexual (Banana), both male and female flowers emerge. If mixed, it will reduce the substance as well.

Each cannabis plant consumes different amounts of water. The fertilizer is not the same. There are different flower colors.

The laboratory first planted 47 species, 82 plants; planting area 6 x 7 must be inspected daily. must be observed more than usual because you do not know to plant.

The difference between cannabis and hemp

The only difference is the amount of THC; hemp can’t look at the leaves. The leaf will only tell if it’s a swastika or an indica. But what the law requires is that if less than 1 percent of THC in hemp, if more than 1 percent is cannabis.

What types of hemp can be grown? There are three types of hemp in the country: hemp grown for its CBD kaufen inflorescences, and hemp, where the seeds are squeezed out of oil. Finally, the fiber type. Using leaves, branches, FDA said that hemp and cannabis should not be planted within a radius of 10 kilometers because the type of seed must have a male. The way he took the fibers, he didn’t look at the male and female because it was a male, and the pollen size at 24 microns of the male could fly about 10 kilometers away.

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