Creative Professional Photography Hacks for Everyone

Photography is an art but not everyone is an artist. Professional photographers not only have flashy gear and accessories but also keep up with the latest industry trends.

But what if we tell you that you can take equally incredible photos without investing in tens of camera lenses? That’s right. With just a smartphone or regular DSLR, a distinctive photoshoot location, and a few simple professional photography hacks, you can shoot stunning photos that look straight out of a magazine. Here’s how-

1. Play With Shadows

One of the easiest techniques to create professional-looking photos is experimenting with shadows. Cut out some patterns on cardboard and place them in front of the light source. This technique is particularly helpful for professional portrait photography. The shadow on the model’s face will give the photo a new dimension. You can also use objects like a tea strainer, window blinds, etc. to create interesting shadow effects.

2.DIY The Bokeh Effect

Prime lenses with a wide aperture and a long focal length produce the best bokeh effect. However, accessories for professional photographyare not always affordable. A quick hack to achieve this is cutting simple shapes on pieces of cardboard and fixing them on the camera lens to get your desired bokeh shapes. You can also cut a piece of cellophane paper to match the radius of the lens and apply some Vaseline to the outer part. This will help you shoot images with a dreamlike effect. photeeq photeeq

3.Use Reflection

If you’re clicking photos of a landscape, you can enhance them using reflections to create the effect of a water body.  For this, place your smartphone beneath the camera and adjust it accordingly to fake the desired reflection.

The landscape will reflect on the screen of your phone, giving you a brilliant mirror effect.

4.Use Colored Filters

Using colored filters is a preferred technique in professional photography when capturing landscapes. You can easily create a similar effect with the help of objects like colored lenses of your sunglasses, monochromatic wrapping paper, etc.

5.Make Your Own Lightbox

For any product photography that calls for taking well-lit pictures of tiny objects, you need a lightbox. But with a clean white cloth, a cardboard box, glue, and scissors, you can DIY one for yourself. Cut out the fabric and fix it to the box and your lightbox is ready.

6.Forced Perspective

Forced perspective photography imposes a different viewpoint on the spectator through the arrangements of objects in the image. Think people holding the Taj Mahal in their hands. To achieve this effect, adjust your focus and move the objects closer to or away from the camera depending on how big or little you want them to be.

Over to You

With these simple professional photography hacks, you don’t need expensive equipment to ace your photography game. But if you want to master these techniques and build a successful career in photography, you must study professional photography course. With top institutes like PearlXStudio, you’ll learn all elements of professional photography and be industry-ready in no time.

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