Component of an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are complex little devices that produce vapor from a liquid containing a mix of nicotine and flavor. In this article, we will present in detail this device as well as the components involved in its fabrication.

  • General overview of an electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes, you can purchase e-cigarettes in Australia from local stores selling vaping devices. People are choosing these in order to help them reduce or quit their cigarettes consumption. Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are more design than others, some can be entirely made in steel while others are also combined with leather parts.  They can look like traditional cigarettes but also have the shape of pipes, cigars or even USB memory sticks or pen. Even if their sizes can greatly vary from one model to another, an e-cigarette Australia will always be easy to handle and to transport from wherever you are. Most of the time, this vaping device will fit your pocket, allowing you to travel with it easily. However, some are more discreet than others. There are three big families of electronic cigarettes:

  • Disposable e-cigarettes : these vaping devices will need to be thrown when there is no vaping juice fueling it. It can’t be refilled and is generally pretty slim and light. It is also one of the cheapest types that you can buy in vape shops, online or at gas station.
  • Rechargeable e-cigarettes : these types of vapes can sometimes be slightly heavier than a disposable vape. Most of the time, users will be able to charge them via USB as soon as they have access to a proper cable and an outlet. They come in various sizes and some will fit more in your hands than others.
  • Tanks and mods : this type of electronic cigarette, such as e-cigarette Australia, will be heavier than the ones previously cited. They also come with more options, such as the possibility to regulate the amount of nicotine or a light feature for some of them.
  • Components of an electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes are generally composed by a heating element, a reservoir, a power source and a mouthpiece. The heating element is called an atomizer that is a small element responsible for vaporizing vape liquid as well as drawing liquid into the coil. It is the most important part of an e-cigarette because of the fact that it helps in producing the mix of flavors and vapor that you will get from each inhalation. The reservoir is the element that will hold the vape juice in the electronic cigarette. This vape juice will be composed by specific chemicals, nicotine and different flavors that the user will be able to choose at the sale. The power source refers to the battery that will help power the entire vape device. Without battery, the user won’t be able to inhale the vapor, nothing will work. The mouthpiece is simply the part of the vape where the user will inhale the vapor produced by the device.

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