Ceramic coating tips for beginners

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle is all about enhancing the security of its paint. Usually, it is applied by hand to make it blend precisely with your car’s paint and create a hydrophobic sphere on the vehicle to protect the exterior paint from damage and corrosion. It works as a blessing for car lovers.

However, the ceramic coating has its own sets of dos and don’ts, and even though it offers protection to your car and gives it a shiny look, you need to have some basic knowledge when going for it.

Fix the paint issues of your car first

A common myth about ceramic coating is that it will immediately fix all the issues with your car paint. But, the reality is that it adds a thick coating to your car to prevent scratches, sun damage, dents, and swirls on the surface.

Hence, to give your car a flawless look, you must first rectify the paint issues using paint correction products.

Pick from different paint protection options

After the issue is dealt with, you should secure the paint surface. You can go for paint protection film, paint sealant, ceramic coating, or car wash.

Ceramic coating is one of the most long-lasting and exclusive solutions. It offers a hard protective layer that aligns with the car after curing, offering two to five years of safety from all environmental threats, natural hazards, and road grime. It works like a miracle solution to secure your car from rock chips, scratches, and marks.

The selection of the paint protection option depends on your needs, budget, and preference; ceramic coating has numerous benefits and hence costs slightly more, but considering the long-term benefit it yields, the investment is great.

Cost estimation

Paint protection treatment prices may vary. If you are thinking of choosing a ceramic coating, it is important to plan a budget. The budget will include the price of the required items, the labor cost for applying them, and their future maintenance costs.

Keep the quality of ceramic coating in mind

Ceramic coating is rated and priced according to its quality, depending on the protection it offers and its hardness. The SiO2 percentage often marks hardness; if you want the coating to last long, ensure that the SiO2 percentage is higher than 80. The ceramic coating will secure your car from harsh weather conditions, harmful ultraviolet rays, salt, pelt, gravel, bugs, sap, bird dropping, and other issues.

Seek advice

The best advice here is to seek help from professionals who have experience in applying the ceramic coating. Hiring professionals will help you get the best results.


When you talk about ceramic coating, these are some points to consider to get the desired results. Some ceramic coating needs yearly care by the auto company that has installed them. Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all scheme. Hence, speaking to a ceramic coating Edmonton professional is always suggested, and know what is right for your car.

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