Buying a Necklace? Here’s What You Should Be Mindful Of

One of the many pieces of accessories that women wear is a necklace that not only should be functional and suit her outfit but also the occasion that it is meant to be worn to. Thanks to the ever-evolving craftsmanship of today’s jewellery artisans, today’s women can be assured to find matching necklaces and earrings to go with them.  Now that you are ready to purchase your necklace, here are some pointers to be mindful of while going for your purchase.

What is the occasion:

Earlier, women wore the same pieces of jewellery to almost all occasions given the limited available options, but that scene has changed permanently with the jewellers becoming innovative in their offerings around functionality and design of the jewellery. For example, if this is for your daily office or regular wear requirement, then a sleek, not so lavish looking necklace would be the right choice. On the contrary, if you are planning to wear a necklace to a big occasion like a wedding reception then you would need a piece that would be unique and dazzling. You can choose from a range of precious metals like Gold (White or Rose Gold), Platinum and stones like Diamonds, Rubies or Emeralds to name a few which would complement your outfit. Find minimalistic designs of pendant sets here at Melora.

The neckline of your outfit:

Yes, you heard this right, the neckline of your dress makes a huge impact on the jewellery you wear, especially to a necklace. If you are wearing a deep off-shouldered outfit then a necklace that sits right on your collar bone would be your best bet. Similarly, if it is a turtleneck, you are wearing then, the best match would be a long necklace with a pendant. A crew-neck top is usually coupled with a bib or collar designer necklace and collared t-shirts are usually paired with a choker or a pendant. These are just a few options, but you will be surprised to see the never-ending variety of necklaces that you can choose, one for every dress you have.

Secure Clasps:

Now let’s discuss how to secure your necklaces and avoid the loss of your precious jewellery. Yes, while necklaces get delicate and beautiful, there is every chance that they can be lost in case the clasps do not hold too well. It is disheartening to lose a beautiful and precious set. Hence, one must ensure that the choice of clasps used on their necklaces is apt & hold up well to secure your priced jewel. You can browse this website for the various options to choose from, like lace or simple metal links to do the job for you.

Skin-tone that matters:

This is a common point that people ignore very often. Yes, skin tone plays a very important role, when it comes to choosing the right metal for your jewellery. Choosing the right metal for your jewels based on skin tone will ensure that they accentuate your overall look when you wear them. White metals like platinum and white gold suit cool skin tone better while the yellow gold shines well on a warm skin tone.

So, next time you are out hunting for that one unique necklace for yourself do not forget to use this as a checklist going forward.

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