App Design Trends: Developing a Sense of Mythology Around Your Designs

Did you know that there are more than 9 million mobile apps available right now?

Creating the perfect app design is difficult if you’re new to the world of app designing. However, taking a look at some of the recent app design trends may help inspire you to create a sense of mythology around your designs.

If you are a web designer and are looking to learn more about adding mythos to your design, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing some of the basics behind incorporating mythology into your creative design projects.

Persona Design

Nearly as much as he is known for his artwork, the British graffiti artist Banksy is also known for his secrecy.

This is done on purpose since it creates a strong persona that people instantly identify. While they hear your name, they’ll immediately think of how odd you are, how many risks you take, or how enthusiastic you are when discussing your work.

Whatever makes you special in terms of personality and communication, you may make use of it to make your persona more dynamic. Even if you don’t think you’re all that interesting, you can still use a quirky characteristic to attract attention.

Even the persona of “boring” can be interesting. Jerry Seinfeld, an American comedian, is well known for being a regular guy. It’s how he established his comedic empire and rose to fame on national television.

Therefore, never underestimate your appeal to your specialised market and never be hesitant to be who you truly are.

Design as Performance Art

You can undoubtedly apply the same procedure for your design work as well and give your users and clients an engaging experience centered around the creation of your work.

Video is a popular medium for artists and designers to show their creative process to their audience. If you’ve ever tried to sketch in a public setting alltimesmagazine like the zoo or the subway, you know that people enjoy seeing creative people at work. Many strangers won’t be able to help cocking their heads to look at your sketchbook closely.

Clients and users will take notice when you demonstrate your own distinctive production style, and your work will take on a life of its own in the tales people will tell one another about it.

You want those tales, that mythology, to permeate every facet of your marketing and production.


The most crucial element in building a mythology around oneself as a designer is storytelling. After all, there is no other way to communicate your mythology but through stories. However, storytelling has two sides to it.

Yes, you must master the art of telling your own tale. However, it’s equally crucial to take into account the narratives that others are using to describe your work.

Getting the best clientele depends on what people say and how they say it about your designs. Based on the mythology that surrounds your work, you can undoubtedly affect how people perceive it.

Positive reactions to designs are more likely to occur when moviesverse there is strong creation mythology than when there is little to none.

Use App Design Trends to Improve Design Mythology

Creating a mythos around your designs takes time. Expect it to take time since consumers need to come to know you as a designer and adjust to your distinctive services.

However, one of the best ways to improve design mythology is to use app design trends! If you want to begin building your dream app with Builder, click here to use app builder!

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