Amazing features that you should know about chaff cutters

The following article focuses on features of the chaff cutter machine that make them work efficiently and has to be considered when purchasing chaff cutter machines. The report bases its discussion on the features and characteristics that one should look at when purchasing a chaff cutter.

A chaff cutter is a multipurpose machine that farmers highly appreciate. The reasons leading to its appreciation are; its performance is awe-inspiring since it is used in cutting herbage and crop straws. It is also multipurpose. It does not only cut chaff but also straws, fodder and many others.

The chaff cutter is portable, easy to use and of high quality. The machine cuts fodder into small pieces, thus reducing waste. By doing so, it makes the hay easy to chew and digest. The following is the working and what makes the machine;

Power source

The chaff cutter machine has an electric motor used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This machine is used for devices that cut smaller loads and also household appliances. A chaff motor machine is used with variable frequency drives.

The drives are essential since they save energy for the device. The engine type and power source affects the prices of chaff cutters in Kenya.


A shaft is an element that rotates circularly in cross-section. The post is used to transmit power from the producing machine to another from the power-producing engine to the machine that absorbs energy.  The shaft is mounted with various devices such as gears and pulleys.

The v belt drive

The v belt drive was invented in the earlier 1920s. Through the years, it has been modified several times in the material used to make it and its cross-sectional shape. The v belt drive ensures excellent reliability. They transmit power from the motor to the shaft, which is either mounted with a cutting machine or connected to them. The v belt ensures the smooth operation of the devices.

Chaff cutter

The chaff cutter is the main section of the machine. It is fitted with a hopper that consists of the primary blade and centrifuge blade. The edges ensure uniform and fine chopping. This section cuts different food materials that are fed to it uniformly.

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Cutter blades

This part consists of two sub blades. This section has two sub blades which are as follow; the primary blade. These are sharp-edged blades used to cut grass into smaller pieces, facilitating their rotation in the housing that cuts chaff and gets crushed to powder form. The centrifuge blade crushes grass into powder form.

Safety and housing

The worker’s safety when operating machines is of high priority. Despite the low shaft cutter machine price in Kenya the devices are designed to protect workers. The edge has a housing that coves the cutting blade; hence chopping and grinding are safely done within the housing. The housing protects the worker from not touching the edges accidentally.

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To conclude, by cutting hay into small pieces, the chaff cutter machine makes it easy to mix them with other feeds. Also, these smaller pieces improve digestion in animals and enable them to consume all the food.

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