Allowing and Sustaining Nature as Much as Possible

Permaculture, or forest gardening, is something practiced naturally by the native peoples of North America, the rain forests, and other places.

These old cultures simply made or found tiny clearings and worked with the forest canopy, dew, sun, earth, light, and so on to grow fruits, vegetables, and other natural commodities, planting for their grandchildren and great-grand children as well as themselves.

Forest gardening, as a system, works with nature and allows her to do as much of the work as possible.

One of its most important principles is maximum observation with minimal interference.

Permaculture takes into account the wind, sun, slope, climate, micro climates, and water fl ow, and uses a minimal amount of machinery, so as to change or destroy as little as possible of this natural tapestry.

There is increasing interest in leaving nature alone and trying to learn from her instead of trying to master her.

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Such endeavors include the Permaculture Association based in Devonshire, a vegan community with similar interests in Cornwall, and organic farming schemes in Britain run in association with the highly successful “box system,” whereby organic fruits and vegetables are delivered to customers’ doorsteps weekly.

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The famous Alternative Technology Centre in Wales is another encouraging enterprise. Plantlife is an organization of paramount importance to herbalists in Britain because it addresses issues relating to local herbs.

Plantlife is Britain’s only national plant conservation organization working to protect and conserve Britain’s wild fl ora in its natural habitats.

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