Advantages of building a knock-down house

When you think about building a house รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี, i believe that many people have heard the term “Knock Down House” for some time, but may not be very familiar with it. This is because it may seem relatively new in the construction industry. but if it is in a foreign country, especially in Europe or Japan This type of house is very popular.

because it is convenient You don’t have to be fussy about the small details like building a traditional house. Therefore, we must first get to know this type of house what it is.

What is a knock-down house?

It’s the style of a modern house. The architectural style of this style of house is called “Finished home” or prefabricated house.

a small house There are both one-storey and two-storey, with the highlight of the house. is a quick construction cheap and beautiful

Just having the land already, you can choose a house style that you are satisfied with. to start discussing the details first and finalizing the contract was able to start construction immediately which takes no more than 3 days to install at the job site

You can have a new home ready to move in in just a few days. (Most of them can be completed within 1 month only, which is considered very time-consuming compared to the construction of a typical house that takes several months. until finished and able to move in)

After getting to know each other, what is the knock-down house? Let’s take a look at the advantages of these houses and what they have.

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1. It takes less time to build.

The advantage to mention is that the construction time is not as long as a normal house. because it has an uncomplicated structure use less material Therefore, the construction can be done quickly. Build your own knock-down house, sometimes it takes less than a month and it may be completed. For those who want more speed, just buy a knock-down house that he has designed. With all the components to install, it will be faster than before.

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2. Water and fire piping systems may have already been arranged.

Anyone who bought a ready-made knock-down house Homes are often equipped with a water supply system. and the wiring system has been completed in the first place so that we can install and use immediately without having to hire a technician to make a new one is to find a point to place these new systems as well.

3. Construction rarely encounters problems.

As most knock-down houses are designed and inspected before being sold or delivered to customers, there are no problems during construction. and even if it is to build a knock-down house There were few problems during the construction as well. because the structure is not that complicated So few problems followed.

4. Easy to move

Another highlight of the knock-down house is that it can be moved easily. Just disassemble the parts come out and relocate After that, it can be reassembled back as before.

5. Use the budget for the construction is cheap.

Another important feature of building your own knock-down house is The budget and cost are cheaper than a normal house. because the house is small It has an unmistakable structure. not much material Including no need to pay a lot of builders, electricians or plumbers. escalate until we can’t control the budget as well

Disadvantages of building a knock-down house

In addition to the good things to build a knock-down house by yourself Let’s look at the precautions or disadvantages of the knock-down house that we should be aware of.

1. Lifetime

As I said from the beginning, the knock-down house has a shorter lifespan compared to a normal house. This may last from 10 to 50 years depending on the materials used in the construction. If anyone thinks that the knock-down house will be passed on to the next generation, it may not be very suitable.

2. The material may not be as expected.

If anyone who buys a ready-made knock-down house May get materials that are not pleasing and ineffective, such as folklore, house roofs, causing us to have to pay more money to add or renovate But if it is to build a knock-down house by yourself, this problem may be reduced. because we can choose the material in every part by ourselves from the beginning

3. Difficult to add and repair

When the knock-down house is installed, it will make it harder to dismantle, add, and repair than normal houses. If it’s a knock-down house that has been successfully bought and set up, the electrical system, the water system, the roof, and the frame are often difficult to fix. Especially if one chooses a steel structure house, then it will be very difficult when rusting. or a piece of wood when broken There are more termites, it is more difficult to fix than normal houses. The most common solution is to demolish and rebuild. Or change it all at once.

Knock-down houses bought and installed on site or build a knock-down house by yourself. It is another option for people who want to have a house or who want to build a resort. If you read the pros and cons that we bring to read and see that the advantages is what we want and various precautions It’s something we can take.

Knockdown House should be a good choice for us.

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