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Bone saw machine is a handy tool used by meat cutting businesses both large scale and small scale. This i9s a worthy investment considering all the benefits to be enjoyed after purchase. Getting the best equipment for your meat enterprise is key in ensuring its success

The bone saw machine is effective in your meat enterprise. It makes work easier and done in a shorter period of time, keeps your working area neat and presentable to the clients. As a new user of thisproduct, there might be confusion on what to look out for. Below I give factors on what you need to look out for before getting one.


There are many factors roughly grouped into four, theseinclude;

Energy source

The bone saw machines have two energy sources; the electric and manual .The manual bone saw uses your physical strength while the electric one uses electric power it is quite common that meat vendors prefer the electric.

Electric bone saw machines are efficient and cut through the meat very easily and unlike the manual bone saw machine that requires a lot of time and effort. There may be fears about the safety of these electric bone saw machines, not to worry as it has variousfeatures when used correctly guarantee maximum results .  The bone saw machine price in Kenya is largely dependent on the power source,the electric one is more expensive

Space Required

Bone saw machines in Kenya vary in the space they require to ensure maximum performance .The space required is directly dependent on the size of the machine. You can get onethatcould fit a squeezed kitchen in a small hotel and others fit in large spaces. If you need beef butcher then you can check out the beef butcher in Melbourne.


All bone saw machines are powerful .There is an assumption that small machines do not have much power unlike large machines.
Regardless of the size, theyall have enough power to handle the specific tasks it is expected to. It is advisable to get one with a higher power capacity. Your met enterprise willgrow, and you need a machine flexible enough to do that


The sizes vary due to the different brands and models. You should be aware of your workload ahead. If you require to cut through big pieces of meat you require a big size of bone saw machine. If you require a machine only for domestic use, you should choose a smaller size. This guarantees the bone cutting machine price in kenya to be quite low


Getting the correct bone saw machine is the best investment your meat enterprise needs. Bone saw machines are efficient, affordable and lessen the burden on the butcher man.They are highly efficient in small enterprises that have only one butcher one, it helps in cutting the meat in pieces.

We have the best reputation of supplying the best bone saw machines in Kenya .We have a range of brands for various purposes  to suit your needs. To learn more about our prices and quotations, contacts us today for more.

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