7 Factors That Determine The Price Of Pressure Washing Machines

A pressure washing machine is an essential tool for any business or homeowner.

Find out what factors affect the price of pressure washing machines here.

Pressure washing machines are important equipment for those who want to clean their property. These units come equipped with special features that allow users to remove dirt from surfaces fast.  In Kenya, these washing machines clean different surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, brick, tiles, roofs, and windows.


Another factor that affects the cost of pressure washers is the size of the unit. A big machine will need a higher initial investment, but it will also give you better performance and a longer life span. Smaller models do not have enough power to properly clean large areas or heavy objects and are less effective. Size also affects pressure washing machine price in Kenya.


Before buying, features that come standard with any pressure washing machine should be considered. Standard features include high-quality parts, adjustable spray heads and hose attachments, and powerful motors. These features add up to the price of the unit. They also help your machine perform well and last long.

Power supply

Most people think that having a robust power supply is always better. Yes, it’s true. More power means more effective cleaning, no doubt about it. AC/DC inverters and DC/AC converters are the most common power supplies. A regular household outlet usually provides direct current. But, to wash something effectively, an alternating current is needed.


The material used to build pressure washing machines significantly influences its overall cost. Some materials are much cheaper than others. Stainless steel is the most expensive material, while plastic can be affordable. Plastic materials are not durable to last several cleaning cycles.
If you’ll use your machine daily, then metal might be the best option.

Design Features

Typically, pressure washing machines come in two single and dual tank designs. Dual tank models have two separate tanks with access to both tanks at once. Single tank machines hold enough water for a single cycle. Since the tank is larger, you can run many cleaning cycles with this latter model. Thus, the tank will not need to be refilled. That will save you energy and water.


When buying a pressure washing machine, look at the machine’s controls. This factor contributes to the pricing of the product. Are the controls easy to operate? You don’t want to figure out how to turn it on or off. Most machines come with simple controls. Others include touch screens to program settings like temperature, time, and cycle length.


How many gallons of water can you clean at once? This is measured in gallons per minute. A common range is between 8-20 GPM. A machine with a higher GPM is more expensive than those with less capacity. That also means a better cleaning capacity and a longer lifespan for your machine.

There are different types of pressure washing machines on the market today. Each machine has its characteristics and features. When investing in the equipment, ensure to choose one that is affordable and caters to your needs.

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