6 Ways to Create a Cinema Experience at Home

One of the entertaining activities that children like the most is to watch a family movie afternoon. In this case, we are going to propose 6 Ways to Create a Cinema Experience at Home. Discover all the possibilities and comforts of an exclusive cinema room.

  1. Movie poster

To set up a home theater, the first thing you need is to choose the movie you are going to see and make a great poster. Create an announcement with the children and hang it on the front door. 

It will give a cinema-like experience, the same as the posters when you go to the theaters there are posters of the films that are projected and of the new releases.

  1. Ticket office

Set up the box office of your cinema at the entrance of the room. You can also create it with some decorated cardboard boxes.

What we propose is very simple. You just have to place the box vertically and cut the back, so that the child can enter. Also make a window in front of it and place, on it, a tray in which the tickets can be left. You can decorate with some LED lights and place a sign with the schedules of the functions and the opening of the box office. If you don’t have a box of these dimensions, place two on top of each other and add them together.

Prepare the tickets. You just have to fill them with the data of the function. Once you have bought the tickets at the box office it is time to give them to the Cinema usher. Let the children do that job. They will be in charge of leading you to your seats.

  1. Candy store

On a table, place several bowls with popcorn, chips, sweets, chocolates, and nuts. Add a few bottles of water, fruit smoothies, or a soft drink. Put, on one side, a toy cash register or a cardboard box with several compartments for bills and coins. Make the purchase and let your children be the ones who collect and give the change.

  1. Popcorn

So that no detail is missing, have some boxes on hand in which to put the popcorn that you prepare. Cut out the hard paper and mount the box. Securely close the bottom and sides with tape and you’ll have your cartons ready to fill.

  1. Set up an outdoor home theater

If you have a garden or patio at home, you can hire a private cinema to have an outdoor movie night. You need a projector and a hanging sheet or a white wall to act as a screen. Put some blankets on the floor, throw some cushions and enjoy the summer cinema without having to leave home.

If you want to do it indoors, you can choose between the comfort of the sofa or sitting in the living room and enjoy the movie on the floor.

  1. Select the best titles

For the session to be perfect, it is not enough to be comfortable and have all the elements that a movie theater would have, you also have to choose a good film. You can choose platforms such as Disney +, Amazon Prime Video , HBO , or Netflix.

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