5 Types of Cleaning Services You Should Know About

As the world is transforming into a giant autoclave, people have found cleaning services to be the only saving ticket. The market size of disinfection and sanitisation services saw a renewed degree of customer demand and interest since the onset of 2020. As such, this guide will acquaint you with the various cleaning services currently available.

1 Residential Cleaning Services

Residential or home cleaning services cover a range of services collated into price package offers. While some home cleaning services attend to specific rooms (living, dining, washrooms), others may attend to additional cleaning services such as floor coverings, sofa sets, mattresses, etc. Upon placing the order, customers may choose to either stay or leave for the cleaning experts to execute their tasks. Be it your greasy exhaust systems or hard-to-reach corners of your bathroom, residential cleaning services have long been popular, especially in city spaces wherein time spent at home is considerably less for individuals to ensure home maintenance.

2 Commercial Cleaning Services

Schools, office spaces, community buildings, religious establishments, etc., come under commercial spaces. Commercial cleaning services are the most popular within the industry and are, in fact, single-handedly producing approximately 6% CAGR value (Compound Annual Growth Rate). The most common services in this category are upholstery, toilet cleaning, air duct and vent cleaning, carpet care, dusting, and window cleaning, to name a few. Since these projects are massive undertakings, most businesses are subject to documentation and proper licensing as a risk management tactic. Compared to home cleaning services, commercial cleaning is more expensive owing to the following:

  • Competitive market
  • A crew of cleaning experts
  • Specialised cleaning tools and equipment
  • Transportation

3 Janitorial Cleaning Services

While many corporate managers and office heads feel that janitorial and commercial cleaning are the same thing or that the former is a subset of the latter, these are two vastly different service domains. Janitorial cleaning includes your quotidian maintenance services such as changing bulbs, mopping, dusting, garbage disposal, sweeping, basic bathroom cleaning, refilling tissues, etc. This sector requires cleaning service providers to hire special teams since these kinds of services entail the possibility of a steady workflow that is contractually agreed upon to last yearly. 2019 saw the market size at the global level amounting to a whopping 250 million dollars!

4 Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

While most customers feel synonymous with dry cleaning and laundry services, these services are availed for specific reasons. The former uses luxury chemical products that help with quality restoration purposes. Deep mulish stains can be easily washed off without risking the quality aspect of the clothes. However, the latter is applied to your everyday sets of clothes. Laundry soaps, softeners, and detergents are commonly used in laundry services anxnr. There are laundry and dry cleaning stops that offer the provision for both self-service and staff personnel to pick up and deliver your laundry load at your convenience. These services are often inclusive of fluff-and-fold requirements too!

5 Disinfection and Sanitation Services

Certain businesses thrive even when the economy is down the drain, during an unfolding world war, or in the middle of a global pandemic crisis. Disinfection and sanitation services are among the few industries that have turned COVID adversity into an advantage. As alarming as it was during the first, second, and third waves, disinfection and sanitation services became indispensable parts of all public and privately-owned spaces. With a colossal market size of approximately 1,120 million dollars, these decontamination services use different applications with different results. While the latter cuts down on the concentration of bacteria and other microbes, the former annihilates all surface fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

All these services may need to be validated as per your requirements. Therefore, knowing about the various services can help you locate what applies to you. Know the market prices of home cleaning services and others for the best results.

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