5 Steps to Take to Start Sugarcane juice Business in Kenya

The economy today is a bit strenuous; acquiring daily provisions has placed financial dents in pockets. People are either going to reduce their livelihood to cope with the fluctuations or would seek out new ventures to maintain or increase their livelihood. Today we will discuss one such venture, sugarcane juice selling, and how to get started.

In any business venture, one must first have a detailed plan of where, when, and how they can establish a business and keep it running.
Due to the current economy, most citizens have been forced to think outside the box and try out new ideas. Today I will be sharing a business idea that is guaranteed to keep you above your feet during these tough times.

Processing sugarcane juice and selling them to the public is a business idea that can help you.

Most individuals seek healthier routines and diets, and it doesn’t get healthier than sugarcane juice. A substantial number of the out population enjoys refreshing and healthy drinks that can acquire a vast market. Here are some steps to follow when starting your sugarcane juice business.

Step 1: Assessing your Market Gap

Having a good market is crucial for any business, and in this business, in particular, your key target should be a populated community that earns a substantial amount. Residential areas are also a good start, as long as there are people who spend a substantial amount of time within the area, it is as good as gold. The best part about this business is it can be established both in high-end and low-end areas, increasing your options exponentially.

Humidor areas offer better sales as compared to chilly areas. This fact, however, can vary depending on the people of the area, although as per statistics, sugarcane juice sells best during the hot season.

Step 2: Acquire a Sugarcane Juice Machine

To produce or process sugarcane juice, you require a sugarcane juicer, the most important asset you can own. Where to buy a sugarcane juice machine in Kenya depends on the size of the business. For a small investor, a small manual sugarcane juicer is a start and it can be made by JuaKali artisans. On the other hand, if you are willing to set up a big business, an automatic sugarcane juice machine will come in handy.

They are available in retail stores and even online shops.

Step 3: Establishing an Outlet

This step is where you set up the business. Depending on your target market, an outlet can be established on the busy streets, or one can acquire and lease space near a residential area. This process will involve various permits and licenses to avoid any illegality. Another option would be to establish a shop at home and do door-to-door deliveries within your residential area. The latter, however, will require some extra effort to market your business either through online media or posters.

Step 4: Purchase Sugarcanes and Tools of Trade

After the first three steps, all that is left is acquiring the raw materials that you will need to put the final touches on the sugarcane juice. The best way to go about this is to search for a shop that sells the cheapest quality sugarcane. There are various regions all over Kenya where you can find such as Kisii and Western Regions.

The final items needed are the few tools that help things run things smoothly such as; drinking glasses,hygienic gloves, aprons, and glass jars. This fact is a necessity since for a beverage business you basically must have the highest hygiene level.

In conclusion, this idea can only flourish if the steps are followed keenly.

A good location can be the difference between a successful business or a failed one, but it won’t last long if there are no raw ingredients to process. These steps complement each other, and you can even broaden your sugarcane business by offering multiple flavors such as ginger and lime.

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