5 Morning Routine Ideas

A planned morning filled with healthy habits boosts your productivity throughout the day. There are numerous advantages of morning routines and different ways to adopt them. All you need to do is be consistent, and you will adopt a very healthy and productive morning!

Here are some advantages of having a morning routine:

  • Your mentality and well-being are impacted by how you start your day. With a morning routine, you will be able to carry productivity and health everywhere you go.
  • What we do in the morning is understood as an intention by our brains. So, if you hit the snooze button and do not go out of bed, your brain will take it as a mission and will make it more difficult for you to start your day.
  • We, as humans, are affected by our habits. Whatever habits we adapt, we internalize them and make them into our lifestyle. If you start the day with productive routines, then, you will feel even better in the long term.

Morning routines are personal, so it is up to you what to add or change in the list, but here are 5 morning routine ideas you should consider:

1)  Drink Water

Our bodies become dehydrated throughout the night since we sleep. So, the first thing in the morning, we should do is drink water. You might have the habit of drinking coffee as soon as you get out of bed, but this will influence your overall well-being very negatively. Without enough water, our cells could not function properly, and our energy levels will be reduced even though we eat enough food because our cells are not able to turn the food into energy. Do not also forget to drink water throughout the day and not just in the morning!

2)  Make Your Bed

You might hate making your bed after you wake up and might be upset with this fact, but making your bed after you wake up boosts your productivity. The reason why is making your bed will make you feel accomplished. You will, naturally, carry this feeling of success throughout your day. Moreover, tidying your room is also known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. There is no harm to start your day with a small victory. It will only take 5 minutes!

3)  Journal

Mornings are the best times to journal because you are still in a semi-conscious stage. Journaling in the morning will allow you to recognize your inner thoughts and feelings. Moreover, you could prefer to write down your dreams as well. Recording your dreams will also help you to reflect on your thoughts.

Moreover, keeping a dream journal is known to reduce anxiety and stress. It also improves motor skills and creativity. You might use a notebook to record your dreams. But if you do not like actually writing, there are numerous dream recording apps you could use, such as the www dreambook app.

4)  Exercise

Exercising in the morning is an incredible way to start the day. By exercising, you will help your blood levels and heart rate to be balanced. This, in turn, will make you feel more energetic, and increase your happiness and productivity. Of course, you do not have to do a heavy workout. Even ten minutes of stretching will warm your body up and get you ready for the day!

5)  Have A Healthy Breakfast

Whether or not you are a morning or breakfast person, your body needs energy after hours of fasting. Just like you need to drink water, you need to eat breakfast in the morning. It does not have to be a lot, but you should prefer foods that are rich in protein to boost your metabolism. Some of the foods rich in protein that you might add to your breakfast are:

  • eggs
  • oats
  • almonds
  • mushrooms
  • yogurt
  • cheese
  • milk

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