5 Helpful Ways to Increase Click Speed in Minecraft

Shooting games and those that come with multitasking, like Minecraft, rely heavily on a mouse. The implication is that the faster your click speed, the higher your chance of achieving more in the game. Keep reading to learn salient tips to help you click faster in the game.

Helpful Tips to Increase Click Speed

These are some helpful tips that can make you a fast and efficient player.

Lay blocks with two clicks

In the game, you should double-click when laying blocks for building. This is because releasing your hand after clicking on the block takes longer to build. So, it is better to click twice to hit blocks. This may make you less accurate but increases your overall speed in the game.

Use an external mouse

If you’re playing the game on a PC or tablet, you’d probably use a trackpad with your device. However, the trackpad is known to slow down your clicking speed. This is because you’d have to spend some time scrolling around on the pad and some extra time to touch the click button. However, this problem can be curtailed with an external mouse. It seamlessly speeds up your navigation.

Get a mouse that has an additional button

Your mouse may come with additional buttons for performing extra functions. This mouse would be highly beneficial during a game like Minecraft that requires players to perform multiple tasks. The other button gives you spare time and, as such, improves your overall speed.

Play a test game

A CPS test, or a click-per-second test, helps game players improve their click speed through some games. This test comes in different puzzles and practices that assist players in measuring their click speed over a specific timeframe.

There are tests that last a few seconds, while some last thirty seconds or more. The test aims to seek an objective assessment of your click speed, which will spur you to do better. A version of these tests is a Real-time CPS Counter that shows your performance as you play. Jot down your speed after each test and compare the results after a while to see if you are making any progress.

Position the pointer appropriately

Your cursor’s position also matters a lot while playing. Placing the pointer at an extreme end makes you slow whenever you aim at a target at the opposite end. However, positioning it an equidistant to any part of the screen makes you spend less time aiming at any target. Additionally, learn to aim the pointer at meaningful objects. Do not click unnecessarily. Doing that makes you sluggish when you have to aim at a helpful target.

Final Words

To sum it up, the most crucial tip is to do the test as much as possible since practice makes perfect. Your willingness to improve on your previous performances increases as you practice. Additionally, it is beneficial, even outside the game screen, to train your non-dominant hand when playing. This would prevent over-reliance on one hand and increase your coordination significantly.

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