4 Ways To Get Your Blog Post Ranking In Google

Today many businesses are concerned about their blog posts to be properly promoted and ranked higher in Google. It gives a website more visits, therefore more potential users who will contribute to sales generation. Investing in content marketing and creating appealing content is really important, but it wouldn’t work without other essential components. 

Furthermore, we will tell you about four effective ways that will help your blog posts rank better on Google.

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1. Identify your target audience

No matter for what industry you write your blog posts, first of all you need to identify your target audience to create content appropriate for their interests and engagement, and make a direct connection with them. Identifying your target audience will help you create the type of content that will be found by more users on the web and rank on Google. Over time, you will discover more about your target audience needs and interests so you will consider that fact while creating content.

2. Conduct keyword research

When you have already found your target audience and distinguished the type of content you are going to create, it’s time to do proper keyword research and select relevant keywords that will help you appear in search results more often. Keyword research will help you find relevant keywords for your content and niche so it will increase the chances of ranking higher in Google. Use two or three main keywords but don’t overuse them again and again. Google loves updates. For the keyword research and other metrics you can use large scale rank tracking and pick up the most common and matching keywords for your blog posts. 

3. Create high-quality content 

Creating high quality content relevant to your niche and target audience is the key to a good content marketing strategy which will increase your ranking on Google. Your goal towards content is to create unique, relevant and interesting blog posts which will include keywords and appear in Google search results once users type it. Choose topics which will be educational, trending and also don’t forget about the relevancy with your blog niche.

Users will get back to your website once they like your one or two blog posts. 

4. Optimize your visuals 

Visuals are very important to search engines like Google for certain keywords. Images and videos are two of the most common and effective visual content types on search engine results.

You’ll need to create unique and appealing graphics, use original and high-quality photos and videos, combine them into a mood board, and include descriptive alt text for every visual element in your blog post. People like to watch videos or see images with texts, as it’s an easier way of consuming information. So consider creating and utilizing more visuals to your website if you don’t want to lose a chance to appear on Google rankings.


So, ranking on Google is the most desirable thing for those who have websites and write blog posts. Having a website and creating content isn’t enough if you want better results in terms of rankings and users.

These four ways are not difficult to organize but are very effective to reach rankings in Google and get high visibility for your blog posts. 

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