4 Reasons Your Melbourne Business Should Focus on Local SEO

Many businesses are probably already familiar with SEO or search engine optimization. It is an online tactic to increase web page visibility on the search engine. Typically, these practices require writing high-quality content combined with link-building strategies.

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But there aren’t many businesses familiar with local SEO. It is a branch of SEO that involves being found by users in specific geographical areas for particular goods and services.

If more businesses were to utilize a local SEO strategy, not only would they draw a massive local audience, but users will find more services and solutions closer to their area. Know more about this type of SEO and consult with experts of SEO in Melbourne.

How much does SEO cost in Melbourne?

Services of SEO in Melbourne typically cost around $700-$2000 per month. Hourly SEO rates range from $105-$250. Overall, the higher the competition, the more top dollar you need to pay for your SEO.

1. Attract and converts mobile users

Nearly everyone these days is considered a mobile user. According to data, mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets account for 60% of online traffic. Almost 50% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphones visit a physical store within 24 hours. Regardless of the day or location, you can easily find mobile users checking restaurants, exploring events, or getting directions to the nearest plumber. People tend to choose services ranking at the top of the page.

Improve your SEO and start doing business in Melbourne.

The city is one of the largest and most progressive in Australia. Key industries include finance, government, education, retail as well as transport.

These industries account for more than half of total employment in Melbourne.

2. Fewer competitors

Users often find irrelevant searches if they key in a generic search term. But when they are specific with a location such as plumbing in Colorado or Tennessee plumbing, the results become more niche. The same goes for other businesses such as restaurants and entertainment. Broad terms can even show international competition in the results. In contrast, local searches only focus on the few big names in the area.

3. Improve PR and visibility at the local level

Investing in local SEO can give you a terrific local presence. It turns into leads which results in more local opportunities. Being a host of networking events or attending local trade shows makes a brand better locally and furthers a business’s performance. Moreover, customers enjoy additional benefits with a local business compared to big brands. These advantages include support for the local economy and receiving more bespoke service.

2 best practices for local SEO

  • Claim your business

It is critical businesses claim their business listing on search engine platforms such as Google and Yahoo. When it comes to Google, this will require signing up for a Google my business account. You must fill out the information about your business, such as your address, operation hours, and phone number.

Wait for Google’s response in the mail which will verify your business address.

  • Enhance your business’s website and social media accounts

Utilizing traditional SEO tactics such as keyword research and meta-descriptions, include some local keywords and content on your website. Use your city in the titles and long tail phrases, such as digital marketing in Chicago. On the footer, include your business addresses or even an interactive map. Ensure your website is user-friendly on mobile platforms to boost your rankings on Google.

Melbourne may be the best place on the planet to do business. The city is the closest capital on the eastern seaboard of Australia, which has access to the three main export markets of China, Japan, and South Korea. Improve your local SCO and attract your audience in Melbourne who has tremendous spending power.

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