4 reasons people have to marry and not to 

Marriage rates have been declining in India and all over the world for the last few decades. There are numerous reasons for this shift-for delayed marriage, for instance, long-term non-marital living together, and perhaps reduced cultural emphasis on marriage. 

Why marry?

In Punjabi matrimonial who are looking for true love in their lives for making a perfect family. There are several reasons why people choose to marry. Some of the most answered reasons would be:

  1. Security and company: marriage may provide a sense of belonging to someone. Support and companionship are a due by-product of marriage which comes from the day to hitch a person. While marrying two people becomes a team that could support each other through life’s downs and ups. Therefore marriage gives a sense of security, finances, emotional strength, and physical support. It also offers stability in life and connectivity.
  2. Love: for different people, the main reason for a marriage relationship is love. They have fallen in love with someone and wanted to spend the rest of their life with that particular person. If you want someone special to visit on the best matrimonial sites in India, feed your priority and your preference and choose your partner. 
  3. Religion: different people have different perceptions, some are ok with inter-caste while some are not. Marriage is one of the important decisions of life in terms of religious rites and a way to fulfil spiritual advantages. 
  4. Social terms: in different cultures, marriage is more like societal pressure and a method to establish oneself. Many people may marry for such reasons, even if they didn’t listen to their parents much.

Marriage could be a barrier if you are focusing on your career, building any financial safety or just never buying into the idea of marriage. Here are different reasons to never get married:

  1. Living together is commonly acceptable: today, the unmarried couple started living together. Ironically, the married couple living apart seems to be the new age trend. There are numerous couples who maintain separate residences. The arrangement simply furthers the discussion on marriage if size fits everyone. 
  2. Brings numerous responsibilities to women: unmarried, useless women are much happier than-married couples, if you are a woman earning for yourself and living an independent life never go towards marriage as it may spoil everything. Men get all the benefits as they start taking fewer risks, earning more money and staying calm. They probably live longer. Meanwhile, a woman has to put up with everything and dies earlier if she is married as society buries her inside all the household chores of the family. 
  3. Marriage is not at all a necessity: apart from society’s pressure what is another reason you wanted to marry, additionally, there are numerous ways to find love not only after marriage. Originally it was developed to provide economical and legal protections for a same-sex couples. Domestic partnership is taking the place of traditional marriages as it is also a legally recognized relationship which offers the couple a similar benefit. 
  4. A wedding gives financial pressure: making a family is not an easy task, and earning and living individually is much easier.

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