3 Ways Dental Clinics in Brisbane Can Repair Your Broken Dentures

Are you one of the many people in Brisbane who wear dentures?

According to studies, nearly one in five people worldwide has a false tooth or two. And in the Land Down Under, more than 14% of Australian adults wear removable dentures.

So, just how important is getting dentures in Brisbane?

Many people who live in the capital city of Queensland with missing teeth turn to dentists to help them get back their lost teeth.

Then, professionals can fit them with dentures so they can regain full oral function and have the confidence to smile again.

Unfortunately, specific reasons can damage dentures. But don’t fret when your false teeth get broken. Let your Brisbane dental clinic take care of the problem and fix your dentures with the following repair services.

1. Denture Reline

Dentists in Brisbane recommend denture relining every one to two years. This is because, with time, your dental prosthesis loses its grip, something that occurs due to various reasons. And one of these reasons is the normal process called bone resorption, where the gums start to shrink.

Thus, your dentures don’t fit as they should.

So, a denture reline is the solution to this problem. And it is a procedure where dentists reshape the underside of your denture by placing a soft reline material on the surface.

2. Denture Rebase

If your denture gets broken, cracked or becomes too weak from years of use, a denture rebase will fix the problem. Meanwhile, dentists recommend this procedure when denture teeth are in good condition, but the base needs restoration.

With rebasing, dentists will replace the base or the pink acrylic that holds the fake teeth in place. This will improve the fit of your dental prosthetic and make it look better.

While denture relining is relatively common, rebasing is not as frequently done.

3. Denture Adjustment

Denture adjustments are a common occurrence in dental clinics in Brisbane. It is indicated when you feel discomfort while wearing your fake teeth. And such discomfort is associated with eating, where you might experience trouble chewing food or suffer from sore gums and irritation in the oral cavity.

An adjustment may also be necessary when your denture slips out of place and sometimes falls out of your mouth. This can happen when you smile, eat, laugh or cough, and it can be an embarrassing situation.

Unfortunately, many try to adjust their dental prosthetics themselves, something you shouldn’t do because it may only damage your denture further. Thankfully it doesn’t take long for a dentist to make adjustments so you can feel more comfortable with your teeth replacement. Then, you’ll be able to talk, eat and smile normally.

Thanks to the above dentures in Brisbane and the repair services, many Aussies can easily get help when dentures get broken or don’t fit as they should. However, when dentists cannot do repair procedures, the best solution is getting a replacement. And this is usually done when your dental prosthetics have already provided years of service. As such, you can opt for fixed dentures the next time. But what is more important than repair services are the measures you take to keep your dentures in the best shape.

So, before you get dentures, make sure you find the best dental clinic in Brisbane to provide you with top-notch services and high-quality products. And you’ll know you have the best dentist in town when you go home with the knowledge and understanding of proper dental care and healthy oral practices to match your new set of teeth.

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