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One of the newest startup companies in the language translation space is Lengoo. This company is a software platform that focuses on creating a seamless workflow between companies and translators. It aims to eliminate the need to have a dedicated staff member for each project, and provide companies with access to a scalable, efficient solution. As of right now, the company is just starting to grow, but it has exciting plans for the future.


Lengoo is a German-based technology startup that offers AI-powered translation solutions. The company provides its products through online retailers such as eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten. It has offices in Berlin and Munich.

Lengoo’s neural machine translation framework includes language processing, text-to-speech conversion, and automatic text analysis. Lengoo trains its models with feedback from the translation process. This means that new information can be added to the models faster.

Lengoo’s current customers include companies from all industries. It also serves international enterprises. In the past year, Lengoo has onboarded 50+ enterprise clients. Lengoo plans to revamp its tech stack and accelerate global expansion.

Lengoo’s neural translation model is customized by incorporating data from customer websites. It has an automated workflow between the customer and the translators.

Lengoo is now expanding into North America and the UK. The company has already onboarded a number of enterprise customers in Germany. They plan to use the funds to expand into additional European markets.

Software platform

A company named Lengoo, with a hefty $20 million in funding, has a vested interest in machine learning. The tech startup, helmed by former Google and Yahoo software honchos, will use the funds to expand in Europe and North America, and maybe beyond. On a more prosaic note, a new VC firm will be joining the fold. One of the venture’s co-founders, Eric Xiong, is reportedly angling for the next round. To date, the venture has only one employee, but that number is expected to grow. As one of the early entrants in the AI-meeting arena, the tech startup has plenty of room to move. With an ostensibly tight-knit boardroom, the company is unlikely to be a victim of its own success. After all, Lengoo’s competitors are far more entrenched in the enterprise space. Taking the helm, Xiong has an executive team that consists of a mix of veteran Silicon Valley execs and up and comer ex-Googlers.

Workflow between companies and translators

The translation industry is changing rapidly. It is important to have a good grasp on the latest trends. This includes knowing which translation system is best for your company. There are a variety of choices to choose from, so be sure to shop around before settling on one.

To start with, you may want to look at a Translation Management System. These tools have collaboration features that make it easier to communicate with other teams. They also give you a paper trail in case there is a dispute.

A good system should allow you to assign linguists to specific content types. The translation process is not limited to words, so you might need to work with a system that allows you to translate text and images, for example.

You may need a way to monitor the quality of your work as well. Having a workflow will ensure you deliver the best results possible.

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