How to Get More Qualified Leads Using Google Ads

We know that we can drive traffic to our website with Google ads. But how do we make sure those leads are qualified and ready to buy?

Google ads help us generate leads and sales if we set them up properly. Once our campaigns and ad groups are established and the ads created, it’s time to start tracking results. We do this with conversion tracking.

What Is Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

Google ads keep track of how many people click our ad and then visit our website or call us (if we’re using the phone call extension in our ads). We set up goals to determine what qualifies as a “sale” for us. For example, if someone visits our website, views the pricing page and then fills in the contact form to make an appointment, that’s a qualified lead.

However, there are some people who may come to our website but not fill out the contact form (or even look at the pricing). They may call us instead. It can be difficult to determine whether these visitors are qualified leads or not. So, we need a way to track them as well.

This is where conversion tracking comes into play. It allows us to define what qualifies as a lead and therefore “converted” from someone who visited our website but didn’t fill out the contact form to those who did fill out the contact form (or called us).

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Conversion Tracking In Analytics

Set up conversion tracking by creating goals in Google Analytics. There are different types of goals to choose from (for example, downloads, phone calls and form submissions).

Once our leads are tracked through a goal, we can see reports in Google Analytics that show where the leads came from and what the conversion rate was. We can then improve or remove advertisements that aren’t working.

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These goals can then be easily imported into the Google Ads interface so our account can start optimising for conversions.

Improve Click-Through Rate

When we know how many people click our ad and then visit our website, we can monitor these numbers to improve our click-through rate. We want a high number of visitors who are coming from Google ads to become leads or make phone calls we get paid for by Google ads. Visit The Site: f95zone

If you want to convert more of your website visitors into qualified leads, then it may be time to set up conversion tracking and improve your CTR in order to increase the number of quality leads coming from Google ads! Get in touch with a local Perth Google Ads specialist who can help optimise your account and get you qualified leads in no time.

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