Where To Find Upgrades To Help Protect Your Truck

Whether your truck is new or just new to you, there is a particular pride in keeping it clean and pristine, even if you use it for off-roading or mudding. It can be devastating to learn that one of your most prized possessions has acquired a dent or a deep scratch from being out in the wild, on the trails or in a parking lot, when it could have been prevented with a grille guard or fender flare. The best way to help your truck is to add a few upgrades that can increase protection, safety, and keep you stylish all the while. Learn which upgrades are most helpful.

The Must-Haves for Your Truck

Everyday use looks a little different for truck owners. Regular use could range from miles of uneven farmland to long stretches of pot-holed asphalt and everything in between. To help protect your truck, there are a few must-have upgrades that every owner should consider.
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Wheels and Tires

One thing is for sure, the set your vehicle came with is likely not going to cut the mustard unless you got a special issue. Consider something a little more specialized for your everyday use. Since every truck owner is unique, your tires and wheels will be too.

Bug Shields

Protect your windshield from irritating bug guts, mud, and pesky rocks. Whether you’re on a dirt road or blacktop, bug shields are beneficial for maintaining visibility.

Bed Storage and Tool Boxes

No matter where you are, you want to have the right tools on hand if something happens. Keeping your tools close can be risky because they are an expensive investment.
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Equipping your truck with lockable bed storage and toolbox upgrades ensures what you need is nearby when you need it most.

Making Safety a Priority

Once the must-haves are checked off the list, start adding safety upgrades. For trucks, Nerf bars and grille guards ensure that nothing from the road hits the body with great force. Not only are you minimizing the chance of dents or broken lights, but depending on what you cross paths with, you might even save a life.

Step Nerf Bars

Nerf bars make it a little easier to get in and get out of your truck and can prevent high-impact contact from the sides. Little things like kick-up from rocks and road dust are controlled, too, but shopping carts, card doors, and even the occasional front end will hit the bar before it hits your truck.
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Brush and Grille Guards

Brush and grille guards help protect your front end in the way that nerf bars protect your sides. Options like the Westin grille guard fit the front end, add heavy-duty reinforcement, and reduce impact.

Fender Flares

Fender flares sit atop the wheel well to add support and, in some places, must be installed for legal compliance. Aside from compliance, flares add coverage for oversized wheels and help prevent body rust that weakens the structure.
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Help protect your truck and maintain your style by purchasing upgrades from a trusted auto parts store with low prices and a large selection.

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