The Global Trend Of Athleisure In 2023

Today, more and more women are looking to lead an active lifestyle. They are working on their fitness goals through sports activities and exercise.

Alongside, they also want to bring in more leisure through activities like meeting friends for coffee or traveling for a weekend getaway.

These lifestyle shifts have given rise to the unique genre of clothing known as athleisure. Women are embracing the athleisure fashion trend globally. Here’s how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

Work out And Hang Out! 

The athleisure category is a subset of activewear. The latter is designed for a wide range of sporting activities. It brings functionality and comfort and is designed to enhance any sporting experience.

However, today women want to look stylish even as they work out. Hence, workout gear is becoming more sleek, feature-rich, and agile, giving birth to a new genre – athleisure.

In terms of features, the fabric is breathable, flexible, and designed to absorb sweat. It may come with details such as a small pocket that can accommodate one’s cell phone.

The best part is that athleisure clothing looks so good you want to wear it when you head for coffee with a friend or are running errands in the supermarket.

Upcoming Athleisure Trends

Here’s a peek at athleisure trends for 2023.

Keep It Colorful

Athleisure gear comes in a whole range of colors, from pink to basics like navy blue and olive green.

The variety of colors brightens up your workout gear and can be matched with nonathletic clothing for your leisure experiences.

Drawstring Joggers and Shorts

If you are uncomfortable working out in figure-hugging gear, go for drawstring joggers or shorts, which are comfortable around the abdomen.

They can expand and contract to keep pace with your tummy.

High-Rise Relaxed Pants 

This is another contemporary workout gear designed to give more coverage, be comfortable, and look chic.

They can easily double up as pants for a smart casual ensemble.

Printed Tights  

Those tights are more fitted, are equally comfortable, and are great for running, walking and yoga. Printed tights amp up the style quotient.

They can also be paired with a winter jacket and scarf when stepping out for a date or when you work out of a co-working space.

Which Athleisure Bra Is Best for Daily Use?

Athleisure is all about comfort and functionality.

There are several bra styles that mirror these qualities while also bringing swag to your style goals – t-shirt bras, sports bras, and bralettes. These designs work really well as they are extremely comfortable, versatile, and offer coverage.

Sports bras and bralettes also double up as outerwear, whether you’re in the gym or hanging out.

Wrapping Up 

The multifunctionality of athleisure has made it a popular clothing choice among women today. It is one of the fastest-growing fashion segments.

The global demand has also pushed fashion brands to bring out unique styles and more variety in this segment. Online shopping offers a wide range of budget-friendly athleisure choices for women of all shapes and sizes.

You can mix and match athleisure separates with regular pieces from your existing wardrobe, such as denim, skirts, and capris. Make sure to choose bras that complement your choices.

As new styles emerge, keep adding new pieces at regular intervals. Happy shopping!

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