Rare Flowers Around The Globe

Flowers are the symbol of love, purity, determination, care and association. The scintillating flowers strengthen the bond and calm the soul with their aromatic fragrance. Therefore, at any point in time in life, we quest to get different flowers for our special ones. We also know that various flowers have their own significance, but today, we are not here to talk about them.

Every one of us is well aware of the standard flowers and we often send them through online flower delivery to our loved ones.

But there are certain rare flowers that you might not be aware of. As people don’t know about them, they avoid talking about them. The ethereal blooms will amaze you with their beauty and appearance. We believe you should know about these unique blooms. Therefore, today, under this blog, we will be discussing the enticing beauty that you have never seen or heard about. So, let’s have a look at which rare flowers we have gathered for you.

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Juliet Rose

Juliet rose is one of the rarest and the most expensive roses to find. It took almost 15 years for David Austin to cultivate this rose and the amount that was spent was $4.3 million to bring it to life. This flower has white and apricot colour petals and produces small flowers when it blooms completely. So, would you like to see Juliet Rose in real life?

Fire Lily

Amusing name, isn’t it? If you haven’t seen this flower, then you might not see it again. As it is on the verge of extinction in Odisha and rare to find in Sri Lanka as well. This is a native flower of Asia and tropical parts of Africa. Fire lilies can also be used for medicinal purposes but do you know – this flower is toxic to humans and can cause skin irritation.

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Corpse Flower

Corpse flowers bloom once in a few decades, and it is very rare to find this bloom. This flower smells like rotten meat but, people gather in the botanical garden to smell rotten meat; that’s quite funny. Isn’t it? With a height of 3.6 metres, this bloom is one of the largest flowers across the globe. The amusing thing about this flower is – it has no leaves, stem or roots, just one leaf that looks green from outside and burgundy from inside.

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate cosmos is almost extinct and the places where you can find this flower are protected by the law. This bloom smells like chocolate and grows in the evening of summer. This flower was produced by propagation in 1902. Also, now only clones of this plant can be seen. Today also, it is produced with the help of tissue culture which is quite a catchy point to learn. So, what do you think about this rare bloom?

Jade Vine

The rare jade vine bloom is a claw-shaped flower that grows up to 3 metres long. The hues of this unique bloom vary from blue to light green. This beautiful flower is native to rainforests in the Philippines, and it hangs facing down. Due to deforestation, the jade vine is on the verge of extinction and is not really available anymore.

So, you might not be able to experience its liveliness anytime now.

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Middlemist Red

This flower was brought to the United Kingdom by botanist John Middlemist, as the name of the flower suggests. As he brought it to England, he sold some of the flowers to the normal public; hence, these flowers might be in some gardens that are still unknown. It is actually a type of Camellia flower that belongs to China. It looks like a rose and is bright pink in colour.

This bloom is the rarest and still the most beautiful flower to find across the globe.

These are some of the unique flowers that you might not be aware of. Isn’t it? Now, what are your thoughts about the bewitching beauty of flowers? Aren’t they adorable and worth having one day? Well, until you find something rare and unique, you should try gifting exotic and precious flowers by online flower delivery in Kolkata. Choose a trusted portal that serves a comprehensive collection of flower arrangements for you.

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