Quick Tips On Vacuum Cleaner Shopping

Considered one of the most essential and commonly used household appliances in the world, vacuum cleaners have come a long way. From the initial price points being really high and intimidating to being totally affordable for everyone. Consumers require little to no persuasion to purchase one, but here we go.

Let’s explore.

The vacuum cleaner was invented in Iowa, USA in the 1800’s. Automatically, by the time it was introduced around the world and in developing countries, it was a high end appliance for the elite. Cleaning your home or office has never been easier with a gadget that works at the touch of a button. It’s quick, it’s easy and we can barely think of any cons.


Vacuum cleaners clean your space by removing dust, dirt and now even liquid from your carpets, hardwood and other floors, stairs, upholstery and also your car. A good one will come with multiple heads and brushes that are adjustable to fit the cracks and crevices. A long cord is fundamental so your movements are unlimited but if you get a cordless one, that’s a winner.

Compare and contrast

When shopping around for one, it’s important that you compare prices. You will be surprised at how low the vacuum cleaner price in Kenya can go. This is obviously dependent on the type and size that you want. Sophisticated features may add onto the price tag but can you really put a price tag on effective cleaning?

Types of vacuum cleaners

In essence, there are two major types. Upright vacuum cleaner and canisters. As the name suggests, upright sits upright and will do a thorough job on synthetic materials such as your carpet but can easily switch off the rotating brush for the floors. Canisters are more versatile to clean all of the above and then some. They’re easier to maneuver under furniture and compact spaces.


Since a vacuum cleaner is now a necessity and not a luxury, and you’re clear on the purpose of your appliance, it’s important to first look at the filter options. HEPA filters have the technology to neutralize bacteria and should be at the top of your list. Do you want a vacuum with a bag or without one?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. How noisy is your gadget? Very important to consider.


Also, put into consideration your surroundings and lifestyle. You may need a handheld device, you may need stronger suction since you have a pet, or kids.

Regroup with family to decide on the best buy for the best vacuum cleaners. It may also abdominal vacuum be a good idea to physically shop around instead of online shopping so that you can test your appliance before the big purchase.

In Conclusion

A vacuum cleaner will not only half your cleaning time, you will rest assured that your space is dust free as well. You want a durable product that will serve you for decades to come so make sure you’re shopping for good quality as well. The components of your vacuum need to be solid with optimal finishing. Hopefully this guide has been helpful and informative. Happy shopping!

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