Perfect Player IPTV

Television has proven to be man’s best friend since the invention of it. And now with everything possible on your slim smartphone, even television has made its way into our smart devices. Viewing entertainment and other forms of media has never become easier. You could enjoy some entertainment at the comfort of your own home, or even while travelling, working, stuck in some boring class from whichever corner in the world you are in.

The world has become much more compact, and the developments seem massive.

For all of you who love some good entertainment, Niklabs software has brought to you, the Perfect Player IPTV, just as the name suggest, a media player of perfect set-top box style to watch all of your exciting videos and TV on your very own Android device.

The app is extremely user friendly and requires no additional hardware or cost. You can add all of your favourite playlists so that you can keep watching your favourites whenever you need and want. The huge range of features offered by the app will ensure to guarantee you with the best watching experience right here on your smartphone or tablet.

Features of Perfect Player IPTV App

The OSD menu on the app will allow its users to maintain a super easy time watching all of their favourite videos with least user interaction throughout the app. This way, you might even be a rookie, and still get around the app like a pro! The Scale-able OSD allows to fit any screen resolution and font size that you select and prefer.

It also supports all local files from any SD card or USB drive necessary. It supports XSPF and M3U formats of playlists so you can make sure all of your favourite playlists match the required format at ease. You can also control the app simply by a remote controller, a mouse, or a keyboard which makes your life even easier.

So, you can now sit back comfortably and enjoy all of your favourite content with the minimum interaction with the app or any other hardware.
You can always switch to the full version of the app if you want to get rid of all those annoying ads and also add some extra features to your favourite app!

Who would’ve thought that watching tv can be made so easy at your very own fingertips? And of course, with the Perfect Player IPTV, you can finally get rid of all the hassle setting up your TV and just enjoy exactly what you want. The app will guarantee to provide all its users with the most comfortable and best watching experience they’ll ever need. Hurry, and get your hands on the Perfect Player IPTV and start enjoying.

Install free IPTV Player on Android TV

There are many free IPTV players available for Android TV boxes. Best and easiest way to find free IPTV player for your TV box is by using a TV app store. There are many free TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced and UnLinked.

App stores like AppLinked are maintained by TV users all around the world.

Apps on AppLinked are not uploaded or maintained by AppLinked. Therefore, you may find many duplicates apps on stores.

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