How to Prepare Teachers to Teach Online

As we all know, teaching online is a little unfamiliar for us. There are many trainers and managers who help teachers to work on what is an effective method of teaching online.

One simple way is to schedule a regular weekly meeting for teachers using online teaching apps. As coronavirus popularized online teaching , online teachers are scrambling to find ways to support students from distance. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the task of teaching online then you are not alone.

Education connected has develop a feasible choice for numerous teachers and scholars.

With online education, educators can last education regardless of the site of the scholars which gives equal opportunities to all students. And for good reasons for both students and teachers, several schools around the globe are continuing to teach online to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Here are some of the pointers that help you to know how to teach online:

  1. Rehearse Virtual Classrooms: If this is your first time while taking any lecture online then you can always rehearse the virtual classroom with colleagues acting as students. You can do this by:
  • Muting microphones and allowing one person to speak at a time ● Using the “raise hand” function to ask queries
  • Chatting instead of speaking for simpler doubts
  • Practise group discussions for better confidence
  1. Communicate with parents and students: We should admit that methods and learning will be different in online education. A lot of work will happen on asynchronous platforms as students will access notes in video and documents format using tools like google drive and Dropbox. Teachers can also send work on various educational apps or by email, messaging services, etc.

    Students might also have a reduced timetable, so parents should also help their children in the meantime.

  2. Use online resources: To teach effectively online, one should know how to use online resources. Some of these might be:
  • Google docs for writing tasks
  • Best tools for sharing tasks and collecting students work
  • Tools for balancing time in online classes
  • Interactive tools for making videos of lectures
  1. Establish a digital home base: It is vital to have a digital home base for online teaching. This can be a district-provided learning management or it can be self-created class websites by school. Also, there are many online teaching apps that provide tools for both teachers and students for efficient learning.

    It should be tempting to jump around all the cool edtech applications out there especially some of them are offering free services to teachers.

  2. Make and chief skill: Education connected needs a sure practical subtlety to operate certain tools and applications. Tech support is there to help you but if there is any minor issue in between the class then you should know how to tackle this. Chief and leading, capitalize in the correct hardware and a reliable internet connection. Do your research properly and play around with your final choice- meaningful your connected schoolroom stage will assistance you brand the laboratory the finest it container be.
  3. Adequate working environment: Deprived of the faultless setting and good self-discipline, teaching from home cannot be successful. You should all your upcoming lectures, assignments and tests for a better experience. If possible, choose a space that is envisioned for effort lone. Keep that place free from any distractions and a natural fast and an ergonomic chairperson can go a extended way in setting up an ideal workplace.

We can conclude that online education is a wonderful opportunity for both teachers and students. The possible suppleness is an irrefutable benefit. It is a rising marketplace for teachers and an exciting career opportunity for educators as you can teach students across the globe irrespective of the location. You could have the possible to spread out to scholars you would not ever, could never, meet in a physical classroom. For better virtual classroom experience, do your investigation, strategy your lessons, give interactive assignments and do group discussion once in a week. Online teaching is relatively new for K-12 students so there actually isn’t unique way to do it. With some research, better planning and proper time management, you might discovery physically on the front of the connected instructive crusade.

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