Fun Science Fair Ideas For Kids

A science fair is an event held by most public schools each year, and during a science fair, students showcase interesting science projects to demonstrate the knowledge they’ve learned throughout the year. Science fairs are a fun way to show off creativity, and they also allow families to collaborate and spend time together learning. Below are some fun science fair ideas for kids that are sure to be hit at your child’s school:

Create An Electromagnet

Electromagnets are used in all kinds of applications, including frameless BLDC motors and aerospace BLDC motors. To create an electromagnet, you can simply wrap copper wire along an iron nail. You can then take one end of the copper wire and connect it to the positive terminal of a D-cell or larger battery. Connect the other end of the wire to the negative side of the battery to complete the circuit. To learn more about uses for electromagnets and their role in commercial applications, check out to see a range of electric motors from a brushless DC motor manufacturer.

See Water Density In Action

Water temperature affects density, and one way to see this in action is by combining hot and cold water. This project involves setting aside two separate mason jars of water. One should contain cold water and the other should contain boiled water. Dye the cold water one color, and dye the hot water a different color. Place an index or playing card on the lid of the hot jar to form a seal.

You can then turn the hot jar over and place it on top of the cold jar so that the mouths of both jars are touching. The index or playing card should separate the two openings. When you pull the card out from the middle, you will see how the cold water stays at the bottom and the colors don’t mix. This is because the colder water is dense and the warmer water floats at the surface. As the temperatures even out, the colors will begin to mix, but because of the dye, your child will be able to show how water density is affected by temperature in real time.

Study Music’s Effect On Plants

An interesting non-tech science fair project could involve studying the effect of music on plant growth. Scientists have shown that playing certain types of music in plant nurseries may have an effect on plant growth, and now you can see this in action for yourself.

To complete this science fair project, you or your child will need to plant various types of flowering plants or purchase some young plants that have already bloomed. Plants can then be separated according to different criteria, but all must be allowed to grow in the same conditions. The only difference is that some plants will be exposed to music each day and some will not.

You can also vary the type of music each plant is exposed to and the length of time or frequency of exposure. You will need to keep detailed notes about the experiment and each plant’s growth daily to create a chart that shows how music may have played a part in growth. The notes you take can also help you to demonstrate when changes occurred based on variables that were introduced in the experiment. The key to making this project work, however, is to ensure that all plants receive the same amount of sunlight and water while also growing in the same climate. If two plants are grown in two different environments, this will throw off the experiment since you won’t be able to determine how much impact music actually had.


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