Dandruff and red scaly rash on the face

Dandruff and red scaly rash on the face, shot as sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย , often with a red scaly rash on the face It is a symptom of dermatitis or “Seborrheic Dermatis”, which is a common road. If the severity of the disease is not much, it will be found that it is just dandruff that is often a problem that bothers many people and we can treat ourselves by using anti-dandruff shampoo. which are sold in the general market But if the severity of the disease is more It is often found in the skin rash, red, scaly patches on the scalp and face as well.

The rash of seborrheic dermatitis is mild, but not completely cured. It may cause some irritation, but it does not itch. It is not contagious or infectious, but many people lose their confidence. Therefore, trying to find expensive skin care, hair and scalp products to use. to cure this problem completely. Which the doctor has good advice on how to take care of the rash from spreading have smooth skin And without radiance is not difficult. with an inexpensive budget But first, let’s get to know this type of rash a little more.


Rhododendron was born from what? The exact cause is not yet known. But believe that the factors that provoke the rash These factors are included as well:

  1. The sebaceous glands work harder.
  2. Unusual oil on the skin
  3. Yeast infections such as Malssesia furfur, Pityrosporum ovale are commonly found on our skin. Which is a factor that promotes inflammation of the skin. Sebderm is a problem that can affect all races. in both adults and young children but found in males more than females which is influenced by hormones while the baby is in the mother’s womb

appearance and symptoms

Usually a red rash, unclear edges, quite finely scaly. (Unlike flaky psoriasis, which tends to be coarse, flaky) without proper care The flakes may clump together to form scabs. which is dandruff White flakes found on the scalp itself. The location of the rash can be found in areas where the sebaceous glands are dense and hardworking, such as the face (usually on the sides of the nose, head of the eyebrows), ears, scalp, chest. And may be found in the crevices such as the armpits, groin, the rash usually does not cause itching. But it might be annoying. And some people may lack confidence in meeting people with it.


  1. Choose a cleansing gel เจลล้างหน้า that does not dry your skin or irritate the skin. Good stuff doesn’t always have to be expensive. Choose a soap that is mildly acidic with a similar pH. Free from surfactants
  2. Use topical steroids with indications for treatment during recurrent rash It should only be used for a short time under the supervision of a physician. The lotion is used for rashes on the scalp. The cream is used for other skin rashes. Because it can cause undesirable side effects, such as a red rash, itching from the skin being infected with steroids, acne, thin skin, and capillaries.
  3. Use a topical antifungal and yeast medication or shampoo. There are many types to choose from, each with a different active ingredient, such as ketoconazole, selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione, pyridoxine. Tone Olamine (Piroctone Olamine) if the rash is severe. Oral antifungal medications may be used for a short time. under the supervision of a doctor
  4. Use topical drugs that stimulate the body’s immune system such as tacrolimus, primicolimus. (Pimecrolimus). This group of drugs may be used when the rash is calm. to prevent recurrence of rashes and to reduce the number of times of steroid use But there may be skin irritation after applying the drug in some patients.
  5. Use products to moisturize the skin. with a pH value close to 5, it is a weakly acidic, odorless To moisturize and reduce water loss from the skin. Reduce irritation, prevent recurrence of the rash. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent may be chosen to prevent long-term recurrence of the rash. Currently, there are many brands to choose from and there are no perfumes.
  6. Avoid rash-causing factors. Turn to pay attention to healthy physical and mental health.

If we understand how to take proper care like this Sebderm was no longer a troubling problem. Although this type of rash is not completely cured. But we can live comfortably. because we understand nature as well as how to properly prevent rashes various life problems It’s like asking only you have understanding. Happiness will immediately arise in the heart.

Factors that provoke inflammation

  1. Stress, less rest, sleep deprivation, so during the exam or stressful deadlines if not taken care of properly The rash is often hyperactive.
  2. Dry skin or dry weather, winter, but vice versa. hot weather or the sun is too strong, it can stimulate the rash as well.
  3. Use skin care products. that can cause irritation, such as toners, which often contain alcohol
  4. Use acne medication or medication to treat dark spots. containing some substances that cause irritation or is acidic, such as a derivative of vitamin A, vitamin C
  5. Take some medications, including drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Vitamin A drugs used to treat acne
  6. Patients infected with ACE AIDS patients Lae: Patients with neurological and brain diseases such as Road Parkinson It is very common and often has a very severe rash.


  • Choose soaps and skin care products that don’t dry out your skin.
  • Moisturize the skin. by using moisturizing products
  • The drug should be used under the supervision of a physician.


  • Rest not only bots. Stress, use acidic products or mix with alcohol. causing irritation


Why can we get dandruff easily in winter? But most dandruff shampoos are cold formulas?


I must say that These two matters are separate issues. The shampoo’s cool formula creates a feeling of comfort on the scalp.

to reduce feelings of irritation not related to the temperature of environment

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