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Those of you who have attended tech conferences will know that one of the events that is often talked about is VentureBeat, which is a marketing and fundraising event that is put on by TechCrunch. This year, the event will be held in Boston at Ten Coves, which is a 73-acre man-made beach. In addition to the beach, the event will feature speakers, panels, and networking opportunities.

About VentureBeat

Founder and CEO of VentureBeat Matt Wiggers is on a mission to bring the hottest startups and companies to the forefront. While his website is a news and analysis resource, it also hosts an Early Stage Marketing and Fundraising event and has a semi-separate publication called GamesBeat.

The site’s newest entrant is a gimmick-worthy AI system that uses AI to analyze phone calls, replacing human servers with voice technology. The company has raised $85 million, has 120 full-time employees, and hopes to annotate over one billion data points by 2020.

For the past six years, Wiggers has been writing about artificial intelligence. In the past he’s published in the New York Observer, written about cybersecurity for Wired, and contributed to a variety of gadget blogs, including Droid-Life, XDA-Developers, and TechCrunch.

In addition to writing about AI, he is a fan of the arts and science aspects of the tech industry. He enjoys meeting new people and working on interesting projects. He also believes that companies should be ethical in order to succeed.

About TechCrunch’s Early Stage: Marketing & Fundraising event

During TechCrunch’s Early Stage: Marketing & Fundraising event, startups will meet with top experts in the fields of marketing, fundraising, and more. Speakers include venture capitalists, growth marketing experts, startup management experts, and more. There are also group sessions with entrepreneurs and ecosystem experts.

The conference is a two-part event that takes place in April and July. The April conference features a group of seasoned experts and premier founders. It provides an intensive bootcamp experience. The conference includes case studies, a chat feature, and a networking platform for new startup founders. The July conference focuses on building blocks for growth and operations. Attendees will share their pain points, discover opportunities, and celebrate their successes.

The conference includes a series of sessions designed to teach new startup founders about the product lifecycle, marketing and growth strategies, and the legal issues involved in growing a company. Each session will include a question and answer session with the audience and a panel of VC judges.

GamesBeat Summit: Into The Metaverse

Into the Metaverse is the theme of the third annual GamesBeat Summit, a two-day virtual event scheduled for February 1-2. More than 800 video game industry leaders, including developers, entrepreneurs, and publishers, are expected to gather in Los Angeles to explore metaverse trends.

This metaverse conference is a collaboration between GamesBeat and Facebook, who are investing heavily in the growing technology. The two companies will share what they know about the future of gaming and explore the opportunities for business growth and innovation in the new world of virtual and augmented reality.

The conference will feature keynote speakers and panels discussing metaverse trends and technology. It will also include a series of presentations on the technology that is set to transform the way we communicate, play, and interact with others.

Head of Events Content

VB’s Head of Content is in the driver’s seat when it comes to content planning and securing speakers for their events. This is a role that requires a keen understanding of the organization’s mission and a well-rounded technical event operations background. In addition, the head of content will be responsible for liaising with internal VB stakeholders to get the job done.


VB is a tech-centric news site that covers everything from small business to enterprise. They also publish a series of “Beats” – longform features – spanning everything from the latest tech breakthroughs to tech industry insider gossip.

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